Good question. The videos in the Inner Circle are snippets taken from my 1 on 1 mentor sessions. Whenever I explain a useful tip in one of my sessions, we chop it into a short video, categorize it and add it to the Inner Circle. This way the Inner Circle has tips on all the most common questions that people ask, and things they struggle with. These mentor students are paying $400+ an hour for this 1 on 1 service, so it makes the Inner Circle incredible value for money.

The Road To Main Stage is different. It is a purposely designed course that I designed and recorded just for YOU. There is no live student that I am talking to. It is 100% optimized to teach you my lessons in fastest, most efficient and effective way possible. Because of this, TRTMS is much more organized. It also covers much more information but in a shorter space of time. Like I mentioned, it’s more effective and efficient.

How should you choose? The best option learning the most and in the fastest time is by far The Road To Main Stage. Whereas Inner Circle is just really good value. Inner Circle has a lot of similar information, but you might have to dig through more videos and watch more things to get to it. For this reason Inner Circle is almost 10x cheaper! I set this up to give everyone a chance to learn, even if they don’t have a high budget. As a side note Inner Circle comes for free with TRTMS.

So, short answer. TRTMS is the best choice if your budget allows for it, and if not, you can still learn LOADS from Inner Circle for an amazingly low price.